In an age where environmental consciousness is paramount, selecting materials that align with sustainability goals is crucial. At Franks Goods we use just two materials to make our accessories. These two materials are genuine official BioThane® and solid brass.

BioThane® is an eco-friendly material made of a biodegradable plastic that is produced without harmful toxins and dyes. BioThane® is a great vegan alternative to leather and has a much lower carbon footprint. It produces much less carbon dioxide in production than the rearing of cattle to produce animal leather. This can only be a good thing since carbon dioxide is a greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change. Massive amounts of water are also needed to produce an animal leather product – from water needed to maintain their health to that needed in the leather production processes. 

Brass is an incredible sustainable metal which can be recycled many times over without diminishing the composition. This means that the recycling process can continue time and time again, thus making the metal highly sustainable. It's recyclability reduces the requirement for new brass production which involves the mining and processing of raw materials.

BioThane® and brass are both very hard wearing and durable which means our accessories will last a lot longer than most other pet accessories which use leather or other fabrics alongside with cheaper alloy metal hardware.

For packing and posting our accessories we use 100% paper based, recyclable and biodegradable packaging. Our kraft paper postal boxes are filled with natural crinkle cut shredded paper.