How to measure your dogs neck for a new collar


The most convenient way to measure your dog’s neck is to measure their current collar. You can do it if you’re sure that the old collar is in a perfect size and, due to any reason, you just need to replace it with a new collar.

First, remove your dog’s existing collar, and then lay the collar on a flat surface. Don’t measure end to end. Notice the current sizing hole that the dog collar utilises to wear. Now measure from the middle of the buckle to the old hole you have been using.

This is by far the easiest starting point, but if your dog has outgrown their existing collar, then you might need to pick a slightly bigger size. Either way, you need to measure the old collar to get a tentative number.

In case, you don’t have an old collar, then read on!

When measuring your dog for their new dog collar, you will first need a flexible tape measure. Wrap the tape measure around the widest part of your dog's neck. Allow enough free space between the collar and your dog by placing two fingers under the tape measure and lay your fingers flat against your dog's neck.

Then attempt to slip the tape measure 'collar' over your dog's head. If it cannot be easily slipped over your dog's head, this indicates it is the right size, and your dog will not be at risk of slipping his collar and getting loose.